Apple Mobile Phones

Apple broke into the mobile phones market in January 2007 with the iPhone, its first and so far only cellular handset. Quite expectedly, the Apple iPhone features contain those similiar to the iPod, making it a music-centric handset much like Sony Ericssons Walkman series. Perhaps the distinguishing feature of Apple mobile phones is the trackpad control, which is similar to the iPods ClickWheel. This allows iPhone users to fluidly navigate the phones menus, which are set in a Mac OS operating system. This OS is so far only found in Apple mobile phones, making it unique among the crowd of Symbian and Windows OS mobile phones.

Initially, the main drawback of the iPhone was its price; more than twice the value of most of its contemporaries. The iPhone was and still is touted as a high-end handset, although Apple has since offered downgraded (lower memory) versions to cater to the middle class markets. Three Apple mobile phones have since been introduced: the 4GB, the 8GB, and the 16GB versions. The 4GB iPhone has been discontinued since the limited storage makes many of the features useless, but the other two remain strong contenders for the markets best selling mobile phone.


Apple Mobile Phone Company History

Founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in Cupertino, California, Apple began when Steve Wozniak created the Apple I Personal Computer Kit with his own hands in the living room of his parents house. From then on, Apple has continued to financially grow as a company, and more importantly, become popularly known as a brand that will eventually introduce the Apple mobile phone, more commonly known as the iPhone.

The Macintosh, with its user-friendly, visually appealing interface, was released in 1984 and this totally defined the companys market in the years to come. The Powerbook was first seen in 1991 and portable computing was never quite the same. In the next few years, Apple Inc. continued to upgrade its line of computers, both portable and desktop. The iBook, Macbook, and the most recent MacAir product lines is testament to the companys mission of aesthetically and technically improving their products.

Aside from their computer hardware, Apple almost monopolizes the digital music player industry with he inception of the iPOD and its various models. The company also specializes in computer software and other consumer electronic products. Its latest ingenuity is the technology of the trackpad, used in their recently released products, the iPod Touch and the iPhone, the first Apple mobile phone.