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LG U8120 Mobile Phone Review

The LG U8120 mobile phone boasts of a stunning look and outstanding performance, one of the best in the LG line. Available in dark blue or titanium, this compact clamshell design phone looks like a tiny racecar that fits snugly in your hand. It's light, too. Each unit tips the scales at only 126g.

But don't let its miniscule size fool you. The LG U8120 mobile phone is primed to perform, bringing you 3G connectivity like no other.

LG U8120 Mobile Phone Basics

Aside from the basic voice calls and short message service, the LG U8120 mobile phone also supports video calls, multimedia messaging, and video messaging.

It also has a slew of basic functions designed to help its user with his or her daily tasks. Simply go to the menu function and you?ll be able to use several time-saving functions such as a calendar, a reminder list, a calculator and a currency converter, to mention but a few.

Have a lot of friends? No problem. The LG U8120 mobile phone can store up to 500 contacts in its 32 MB of internal memory. It also keeps track of recently missed, received, and dialed phone numbers.

The LG U8120 is also outfitted with an exceptional standby battery life of 120 hours or 2 hours and 30 minutes of talk time.

LG U8120 Mobile Phone Camera

The LG U8120 mobile phone is equipped with a built-in VGA camera that rotates 180 degrees to capture the best angle for interesting shots. This camera also doubles as a video camera. Record video clips and share them with friends through the infrared or USB connectivity features.