Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia mobile phones is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and one of the top trend-setters in mobile phone design. With annual revenues exceeding $50 billion and a 40% global market share, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the mobile phone market. Nokia mobiles phones are known for their innovative yet user-friendly designs, being the first to incorporate core features such as digital switching and true handheld design.


Nokia Mobile Phone History

Nokia traces its history back to 1865, although the first Nokia mobile phones didn't appear until 1971. In Australia, Nokia began operations in 1985 and began selling consumer phones in 1993. It has since become one of the country's premier companies and has consistently ranked among Australia's best employers to work for. Headquartered in Sydney, it has built Nokia Care Centres and offices in all state capitals and works with over 6,000 retailers nationwide.

Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia mobile phones constantly upgrades its lineup to provide the newest, hippest phones to meet customers' changing needs. There are currently 89 models in the market, ranging from budget monochrome handsets to high-end ones that rival some of the best-selling smartphones. They also come in a wide range of designs, from classic candybar shapes to unique designs such as twist, clamshell, full keyboard and slide-up.

Nokia Mobile Phone Pricing

Nokia mobile phones are known for their universal ease of use and lower-than-industry prices. Even their most expensive phones are of comparable price to leading handset manufacturers, making them a great choice for customers of all budgets and levels of expertise. Their sleek striking designs are sure to make heads turn everywhere, and simple, intuitive controls make navigation a breeze. If you're looking for a no-frills phone that gives you everything you need, Nokia mobile phones are the best place to look.

Nokia Mobile Phone Connectivity

One of Nokia's greatest contributions to the industry is the .mobi web extension, which is made particularly for web browsing. The format helps set mobile sites apart from traditional domains such as .com, .net and .org. With the .mobi service, everyone can now browse the web and stay connected through their Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia Mobile Phone Customizations

Part of the fun of owning a Nokia mobile phone is dressing it up with Nokia's wide range of phone accessories. Just run over to any Nokia Care Center or retailer and take your pick from hundreds of personalization options and mobile phone accessories. Xpress-On Color Covers, keypad replacements, carrying cases, spare batteries, headsets-whatever you're into, you can easily find a Nokia mobile phones accessory that perfectly suits your needs.