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Nokia 7360 Mobile Phone Review

Very fashionable, romantic, and girly. These are qualities that befit the Nokia 7360 mobile phone. The Nokia 7360 is among the luxurious cellular phone models in the L'Amour collection. Like all the other phones in the L'Amour series, the Nokia 7360 exudes a very distinct old world charm and a sense of passion for life combined with the ease and convenience of modern technology.

Nokia 7360 Mobile Phone Features

The Nokia 7360 has a volume of 80 cubic centimeters. It is 18 milimeters thick, 105 milimeters long, and 46 milimeters wide. It weighs 80 cubic centimeters. The display can accomodate up to 65,000 colours and has a 128 by 160 pixel/16 bit resolution.

The Nokia 7360 mobile phone supports short messaging, multimedia messaging, voice messaging, flash messaging, e-mail messaging, and instant messaging. It also allows you to detect your contacts' status prior to calling or sending them a message.

Your Nokia 7360 mobile phone also features a VGA camera, FM radio, and a video recorder and playback. You also have the option to download polyphonic ring tones in MIDI, MP3, AAC, and True Tones formats. It has a phone memory of 4 megabytes. The Nokia 7360 operates on Triband GSM 900 to 1900 frequency. It also allows you to share data files using your mobile phone to or from another compatible mobile phone through infrared, PC suite sync, Pop Port connection, or OTA sync.

The Nokia 7360 also allows you to connect to the Internet using your mobile phone. To ensure security of content, the engineers of the Nokia 7360 mobile phone used OMA Digital DRM 1.0. It also ensures the proper delivery of the Web messages you send and receive.