Sony Ericsson Z320i Mobile Phone

Simple, mysterious, youthful, and elegant. These are adjectives that best describe the Sony Z320i mobile phone. This sleek one of a kind phone sports a trendy rounded clam shell style that makes it and whoever owns it certified head turners. The minimalist details give it a user friendly impression and a very professional, neat look.

Sony Ericsson Z320i Mobile Phone Review

Atlantic blue and crimson red. For artistic people, here's good news: the Sony Ericsson Z320i has got a look you can customise! Change from mysterious and professional to chic and fun with portable changeable covers that come in various colours and shades.

As per dimensions, the Sony Ericsson Z320i measures 87 by 47 by 20 millimeters and weighs only 90 grams. It has two display screens, the one on the cover and the main screen inside. The main display screen is a STN screen display with a resolution of 128 by 128 pixels and the ability to handle up to 65,536 true colours. The one on the cover, on the other hand, is a 96 by 64 monochrome icon screen display.

But there's definitely more to the Sony Z320i mobile phone than what meets the eye. Just take a look at it's messaging, multimedia, and connection features. With regard to messaging, the Sony Ericsson Z320i has text messaging, multimedia messaging, and predictive text input or T9 features. Mobile Internet is also available in two WAP formats: WAP 1.2.1 and WAP 2.0 XHTML. This makes it possible for you to send multimedia messages to your e-mail accounts aside from your friend's phones.

Speaking of multimedia, the Sony Ericsson Z320i has a camera with 4x digital zoom and a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, and an AAC and MP3 compatible music player.