Extreme sports involve a lot of risks including the potential to get hurt physically. But despite the dangers, many men still engage in it. This kind of risky sport grew in popularity in the 1990s when the X Games was aggressively promoted by marketing companies. Today, extreme sports cover skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX riding, skiing, surfing, [...]


As our smartphones become faster and more complex, their battery life also seems to decrease. That’s because speed and advancement comes at the price of power. To offset its consumption, you can always use your smartphone less, but this defeats the device’s purpose. We have a better idea: here are some tips on how to [...]

travel with ur smartphone

A travel insurance is a must today regardless of your destination. It can protect you and your loved ones from paying for personal items that get lost or damaged during your trip. Many people travel today with their precious gadgets such as laptops, digital cameras, smartphones and tablets. When you’re at an airport terminal, simply [...]


In this day and age, owning a smartphone is nothing unusual. While it can be argued that high end gadgets still attract a specific market, the proliferation of smartphones that are affordable even to those with relatively low incomes cannot be ignored. With these devices being so common, it is easy to take them for [...]


Since the first camera was added into the mobile phone, taking photos has never been the same. Professional shutterbugs may pooh-pooh camera phones for not living up to their standards, but for everyone else, it’s a great device for taking pictures literally anytime. But while the camera phone is indeed inferior to manual cameras, we [...]


Processor 2GHz Intel Atom RAM 1GB RAM Internal storage 8GB (5GB available to user) Expandable storage microSD up to 32GB Weight 126g Dimensions 122.5 x 60.9 x 8.3mm Main camera 8MP, autofocus, LED flash Secondary camera VGA Even after the iPhone’s popularity or Nokia’s fall from grace, Motorola is still left standing, but perhaps luck [...]


The iPhone 5 may have been announced, but speculation is still the name of the game since Apple’s new smartphone won’t be out for at least a week. Since newly announced iPhones are always presumed to be the best of all smartphones even when unreleased, it’s only natural to compare the iPhone 5 with Samsung’s [...]


Processor 806MHz RAM 512MB Internal storage 512MB (eMMC) Expandable storage microSD, microSDHC up to 32GB Weight 103g Dimensions 109 x 60 x 12.7mm Main camera 3.15MP, LED flash Secondary camera None While the iPhones and Galaxy smartphones of the world are on a frantic race for the best hardware specs, Research in Motion (RIM) is [...]